This is a good example of the what my brain does when trying to succeed in making money online. 

Try and pass this test.

Now you see why it’s a good example?

It’s very hard to break away from the indoctrinated normal that we have been programmed with since birth.

Now I think I’ve figured out why I failed in marketing.. Because I’m not a salesman type, to be honest, I think I’m too honest. I can’t swindle people into deals like those snarky salesman that grovels and pleads for business. My background has always been laborious working on building sites in various trades. I have gained a bit of computer experience entirely out of self interest. Although I am in no way an expert. I mean I guess I know enough to create this blog and other basic webpages, but my knowledge stops at any sort of custom coding and seo techniques which makes me feel left behind in terms of making a living from the internet.

Oh well,  life don’t wait for no one so  I guess the journey continues….

This is a good example of the what my brain does when trying to succeed in making money online. 

Well I lost my job… What now? Work from home.

Well here I am,  I lost my job three weeks ago, got stuck at a fork in the road.  Well what to do now I thought… So after some thinking and searching for another another job, I got one of them ding ding bright spark of motivation after a few google searches.

Now this isn’t the first time I’ve had one of these motivational outbursts of ideas and dreams, I’ve had many in the past but after reflecting back on this I figured that the positive of this outburst I was having was experience in failing.

Lol  that’s what makes an expert right? Someone that has failed many times to know what NOT to do?

Well anyway that was keeping me positive after recently becoming unemployed.

What was my big idea?

Well i thought after dabbling in the past with trying to make a living online I would have another crack at it and see what happens. I tried affiliate marketing in the past and although I didn’t make a dime at all, I did learn a lot about the internet and the way links work and basic HTML. So I figured it didn’t make money I would still learn along the way. I gave up after many failed attempts and getting frustrated from constantly seeing $0 on all my accounts.

So after all these years I lost my job three weeks ago after one of these outbursts I thought why not, it’s gotta be possible, I’ll have another crack at it.

I had an old site with a free host that had been sitting idle for years since my first attempts. I thought I’ll take advantage of social media since that’s the route everyone seems to be going I’ve heard. Had an idle facebook page I started up a while ago sitting round with a few hundred likes. I changed the name and thought if I promote the affiliate links on there I could start something happening. I never wanted a get rich quick scheme or anything, just something to replace my job and pay my bills and feed the kids etc…nor too mention it has been a dream for that lifestyle with the ability to work a few hours a day anywhere in the world.

Well after a few days of promoting and linking I never checked my earnings summary because it was demotivating seeing a zero balance, instead I focused on the linking and trying to get shares and likes and post engagement..

After a few days I wasn’t expecting much at all, i would of been happy seeing ten bucks knowing that what I was doing was working slowly.

I woke up one morning and thought why not check it out, surely I had at least one sale by now as I had tried some different methods to get some traffic and clicks… I clicked on earnings summary nervously awaiting the results.. And..

I was shocked at what I saw.



After all my time I spent, late nights and thinking till my head hurts I get 42 clicks.

Ok, that’s a real motivation killer. Now Im still in square one. Stuck at that fork in the road.

I wonder what I’m going to do next?

Follow me on my journey to freedom to find out.

Well I lost my job… What now? Work from home.